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Important Dates

Year 1/2H Excursion - Botanic Gardens

Friday 1 July

Transition Visit 2 - New Receptions

Wednesday 6 July

Semester 1 Reports Distributed

Wednesday 6 July

End of Term 2 - 12:30pm

Friday 8 July

Pupil Free Day

Monday 25 July

Students Commence Term 2

Tuesday 26 July

End of Term 2 - Friday 8th July

Families are reminded that Term 2 finishes next Friday 8th July at 12:30pm. Students can wear casual clothes - please bring a Gold Coin Donation to go towards the crisis in Ukraine.

If you require care for your children on this day from 12:30pm, bookings are now open with Camp Australia at 

Start of Term 3

Students commence Term 3 on TUESDAY 26th JULY. 

Monday 25th July is a Pupil Free Day and Camp Australia is available on this day if you require care for your children.



We would like to congratulate the Davison family on the recent safe arrival of a baby boy. Andrew and Emmett are big brothers to Daniel.