Counselling and Chaplaincy

Students and parents have access to support from our School Chaplain.

Suzie Wallace is the School Chaplain and works one day a week.

This role supports student welfare, offering support for students, families and staff.  This is a needs based initiative to support the wellbeing of all in our community.

Students, parents and staff can request to see the School Chaplain at any time during school hours on the day she is working. Students can be referred by their teacher, Principal or other members of leadership, their parent/s or caregivers, or ask themselves. If you wish to make an appointment to meet with Suzie you can either call the Office (8115 7600) or email to make a time that is convenient.

Other aspects of our Student Wellbeing focus which support this initiative includes individual student support from other staff in the pastoral care team, Annette Diassinas and Pauline Kinsman.

The Chaplaincy Program is part funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.