Nature Play

Natural Resource Management (NRM) and our IHM families support Sustainability Initiatives

NRM continue to support our school community in developing our education for sustainability approach.

Our sensory garden is evolving and we are hoping to attract more butterflies with the addition of more native plants.

We are getting our raised garden beds ready for planting herbs and vegetables.

IHM, Integral Ecology & Learning

At IHM we have been redesigning our outdoor spaces to provide more natural environments for the children to learn and play in. This is an aesthetic and educational decision based on increasing evidence of the benefits of nature play for children. Some of these include: increased self esteem, improved powers of observation, communication and creativity and instilling a sense of peace and wonder. In our nature play areas we aim for children to explore, create, discover, imagine, interact, delight, negotiate and learn.

For more information go to Nature Play SA website.