Extending and supporting every child in Mathematics

Each child at IHM, from Reception to Year 6, has their own username for the numeracy website Mathletics. This is an award winning interactive site that aims to improve children’s numeracy skills through fun activities.

This website can be accessed from any computer at home or school.

Aspects of Mathletics are:


Learning is individual
At their own pace, children can complete activities they would like to do or complete activities set by their teachers. Activities are adjusted to meet each child's ability.
Learning activities linked to all areas of numeracy.
Children can choose an animated teacher that will explain any concept to the child in a step-by-step tutorial.

Live Mathletics
Improving mental maths skills by answering questions against the clock, whilst competing against other children from all around the world. Also, children can invite their friends at school to compete against them.
Problem solving games. 

Times tables toons
Children can learn their times tables through these fun, animated songs.

Rainforest maths
Activities suitable for foundation stage and key stage 1 aged children.

Concept search
Children can use the Mathletics dictionary to find out what different mathematical vocabulary means. 
Clear charts to show pupils their strengths and areas for improvement.