Coordination Program


The purpose of this program is to help children who have difficulties with gross motor and fine motor skills. They participate in specific activities which can help overcome individual problems. Early identification of a difficulty not only allows practical help to be given, but ensures appropriate early support for the child.


The aims of the program are:

  • To encourage the child to gain confidence when performing physical activities
  • To develop gross motor skills and co-ordinated body movements
  • To encourage each child to communicate effectively and work with others
  • To improve listening and concentration skills.


The activities take place in a non-stressful atmosphere highlighting fun and enjoyment. There are three 20 minute sessions each week. One adult helper supports a group of three children. They spend approximately six minutes at each activity station with three stations per session.The activities support fine motor skills, gross motor skills and social skills.

It is the policy of IHM to test the gross motor skills of five and six year old children after they have been at school for approximately three weeks, as research has shown that it is important to offer help as early as possible. You will be advised if your child is selected to be in the program. Some children only need to attend the activity sessions for a short time; others will need to complete the full 20 week program.

The success of these sessions depends on co-operation between school and home and parents who volunteer their time. Volunteers are always required for the successful continuation of the program.