Music and Dance

Music and Dance are are known to be  important areas of learning due to their unique ability to engage many parts of the brain at once, develop creative thinking, and enhance skills in other curriculum areas.

Music lessons are taught to all classes once a week. The program for 2023 will include activities like:

  • Playing classroom instruments
  • Moving to music
  • Singing
  • Working individually and in groups to create and perform musical  compositions
  • Comparing and analysing music from different times and places
  • Learning about musical elements such as pitch, rhythm, dynamics, tempo and form.

Also, part of the music program is the Festival Choir for Years 5 and 6, as well as a Ukulele club for Year 3 students and a Junior Choir for Year 1-2 students.

Instrumental lessons are offered at the school for all students. Guitar, piano, singing, drums, and violin are currently being taught, but other instruments can be arranged if there is interest. Ask the Office for information about learning an instrument at IHM.

Year 3 Ukulele

All Year 3s have been learning the ukulele and Mrs Rebeiro teaches this as an extension to the Music program.

Dance Program

Every year level benefits from specialist dance classes in the second semester, including learning various dance styles with specialist teachers from Ground Force Performing Arts.

Movement and play have the capacity to improve brain functioning and cognition, so it is an important part of our school life. The children proudly present their skills and talents at the end of year concert which is a highlight of the year!