We provide a broad and balanced approach to learning which encourages inquiry and creativity, focuses on key skills and inspires every child to life long learning.

We have a holistic, challenging curriculum including key learning areas: 

English, Maths, Science, The Arts, Health and Physical Education, History, Geography, Religious Education, Auslan, Technologies and STEM.

At IHM we view the development of the capabilities as critical foundations for learning and for participating in community building and citizenship. We therefore place a high priority on personal development and wellbeing, focussing on positive psychology, growth mindset, resilience, fun, critical thinking skills and collaborative learning.

Students develop personal and social capability as they learn to understand themselves and others, and manage themselves, their relationships and learning more effectively.

We offer specialist lessons in Music, Physical Education, Art and Auslan.

For more information about the curriculum for each year level and the literacy, numeracy and personal and social capabilities continua click on the pdf attachments below.

Growth Mindset

High-quality learning

Having a growth mindset is not just “believing you can succeed,” it’s “believing you can change.” 

At IHM we believe that when students have a growth mindset and matching skills, they are motivated to learn and know how to learn.  We teach children about what this is, and how they can use these skills for all learning.