Children's University

In partnership with The University of Adelaide

We aim to raise aspirations and develop a love of learning by issuing students enrolled in CU with a ‘Passport to Learning’ which records their individual learning journey.  After 30 hours of learning, the children are rewarded for their participation with certificates at a graduation ceremony to be held at the University of Adelaide.

Children’s University Australia (CU) aims to provide high quality out of school hours’ activities for children aged between 5 and 14 years, engaging the wider community as learning partners in this process.  An important principle of CU is that participation is voluntary and it is intentionally something other than school.  Activities must take place outside the normal school day during lunch, after school as part of OSHC learning activities or at other locations, weekends and holidays.

Validation Process

Please complete the matching evidence before bringing in your passport.  When you have this, bring along the passport and evidence to the Office.  During that week, we will stamp the passport and it will be returned. We will keep a copy of the evidence to provide to CU if required.