Catholic Education South Australia


We are pleased to announce that in 2021 we will be reducing our school fees. Our fee structure will be simpler and much more affordable for all families. See our fee schedule in Fees.


IHM School Fees and Levies

Billing Cycle

School fees will be billed in full at the beginning of the year and are payable in three instalments in Terms 1, 2, and 3, unless other arrangements are in place.  Direct debits are calculated to allow for fees to be paid in full by the end of Term 3).

Early Payment Discount

A 5% discount is offered on Tuition Fees if paid in full by 20th March 2020.

School Fee Payment Options

The school provides a range of payment options including:
 Cash/cheque  please deliver to the School Office
 EFTPOS  please process at the School Office
 Credit Card  form available on the IHM website
 Direct Debit  form available on the IHM website
 BPay  details can be found on your fee statement.

We welcome regular payments throughout Term 1 – 3 and many families find that direct debit and BPay work well for this.

School Card
School Card provides support to families that hold a Health Care Card or a Pension Card. It is a minimal amount to assist families in paying costs associated with stationary and curriculum fees.

A 40% discount on Tuition Fees applies to all eligible School Card holders.

Applications must be made annually, whether or not you have been approved in previous years. Forms are available at reception and must be completed and returned to the School for processing at the beginning of each year. We are only too happy to assist you in your application.






 IHM Direct Debit Request Form.pdf
 Direct Debit Amendment Form.pdf
 2020 Fee Schedule.pdf
 2021 School Fee Fact Sheet.pdf