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IHM Facebook Page Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement (ROE)

 In joining our community on Facebook, IHM follows both the Catholic Education Office Social Media Guidelines and Facebook terms and conditions.

1. The school will update the page regularly with relevant information.
2. Parents are not able to post photos of their own or others’ children on this page. 3. All correspondence that is essential to student learning and student activities will be sent home in written form or will appear in the School Newsletter or on the School Webpage as well as the IHM Facebook page.
4. IHM students are not to access or write on this page. (The legal age for social media for children is 13 years)
5. Any material that is negative or has negative implications will be removed immediately and the ‘friend' may be blocked from accessing the IHM Facebook page. Positive feedback and affirming comments are very welcome on this page.

Please note:
- Comments are also subject to Facebook's Terms of Use and Code of Conduct.
- We reserve the right to remove comments that are inappropriate, negative or threaten IHM students, employees, guests or other individuals.
- We also do not permit messages selling products or promoting commercial or political ventures unless in line with the school’s ethos.
- Only photos of those students whose consent has been granted by parents (Privacy and Consent form distributed at the start of the year) will be used. If you wish to update your child’s Privacy and Consent Form please see Julie in the office.
- CESA Social Media Guidelines and School Policy are available on our school website.