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Artists in Residence

Adding colour, life and beauty through Community Arts



At IHM we encourage expression through the arts with the help of artists with talents, skills and expertise to share with the children.

For the past three years we have been involved in community arts projects. These have all helped beautify our neighbourhood and we will continue our connections and work on this because we believe in the importance of the arts and local community.

The concept of the neighbourhood art is to celebrate local community identity, the values we have as a school and to let traffic know to slow down whilst travelling through our streets.

As you drive, walk or cycle near our school you will notice road paintings at  intersections, a beautiful rainbow on our fence and most recently animal creature art- including an iron lizard sculpture at the corner of Drayton and Torrens Road.

We are very proud of these works and the joint collaboration involved with the local community in making them happen.

Our students are proud to have worked with the following community groups and artists: 

City of Charles Sturt,  Renewal SA, Hindmarsh Greening, artists Jacqui Hunter, Paul Anderson, Rosina Possingham, Helen Crawford and Will Powrie to add life, colour and beauty to the neighbourhood.