If your child is absent you can use our School App to report it. Alternatively phone 81157600 or email info@ihm.catholic.edu.au before 9am. 


School Hours

School commences at 8:45 am and finishes at 3:10 pm. 

If your child is absent please notify the office by app, phone or email before 9am.

A teacher is on duty between 8:25 – 8:45 am and 3:10 – 3:30 pm.

Children are not to leave the school grounds during school hours unless written authorisation is given by parents/caregivers and the Office is notified.  Students are required to be signed out at the Office.

Students In Class        8:45 am

Healthy Snack             10:00 am (approximately)

Recess                         11:00 am – 11:30 am

Lunch: Eating               1:00 pm   -   1:10 pm
             Play                   1:10 pm   -   1:40 pm

School Finishes           3:10 pm