General Information

Parents and caregivers are requested to notify the school by telephone, email or use the School Stream app if their child is absent.

Administering medication to students
The school only administers medication to a student when a qualified medical practitioner prescribes the medication for the child.

To administer medication at school, parents must complete the Medication Log available in the Office giving full instructions. Medication should be kept in the Office and not  in the classroom or the child’s school bag.

Specific Medical Action Plans must be completed by a doctor and parents for specific medical condition management.

Ambulance cover

The school subscribes to St John Ambulance. The cost per child is included in the Resource Levy each year. In the event of serious accidents at school or on excursions, this service can be used to transport children to hospital.

Dental care

Students are eligible for free dental treatment from the School Dental Service. Information can be obtained from our Office. Appointments are made between the Dental Service and each family directly.

Meeting with teachers or the Principal

The teachers and Principal are available to discuss children’s progress, problems or other matters.

Parents are requested to make an appointment time to see the class teacher or the Principal to discuss specific issues.

Hot weather policy

The school remains open on hot days as all learning areas are air-conditioned.

Sun protection policy:

  • From 1st September to 31st May children must wear an Immaculate Heart of Mary School hat whilst outside.
  • It is advisable that children wear sunscreen protection provided by parents or caregivers.

Visitors Sign-In register and students leaving school grounds

At IHM we welcome all parents and visitors.  When visiting or collecting children during the day, attending excursions or assisting in class, all visitors must report to the Office to sign in. When leaving please go via the Office to sign out. If returning your child please go via the Office to notify them of your return.

By registering your presence on the school grounds it assists us in complying with WH&S regulations and will enable us to account for visitors/students should an evacuation, lock-in or critical incident occur.

Library overdues

Students receive regular overdue notices from the library.  If books have still not been returned by the end of each term, a charge for these books will be added to term accounts.


Parents are required to park their vehicles in the street.  Council laws in relation to parking restrictions apply and are enforced by the Council.  Council issues parking fines for non-compliance.

Parents are asked to consider residents, other parents and the SAFETY OF ALL, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN, when parking.  The effort of all is necessary to ensure that parking is problem free.