General Information

Some general information is provided on this page. For more detailed information see our Parent Information Booklet.


Parents and caregivers are requested to notify the school by telephone, email or use the School Stream app if their child is absent.

Meeting with teachers or the Principal

The teachers and Principal are available to discuss children’s progress, problems or other matters.

Parents are requested to make an appointment time to see the class teacher or the Principal to discuss specific issues.

Visitors Sign-In register and students leaving school grounds

At IHM we welcome all parents and visitors.  When visiting or collecting children during the day, attending excursions or assisting in class, all visitors must report to the Office to sign in. When leaving please go via the Office to sign out. If returning your child please go via the Office to notify them of your return.

By registering your presence on the school grounds it assists us in complying with WH&S regulations and will enable us to account for visitors/students should an evacuation, lock-in or critical incident occur.


Parents and visitors are required to park their vehicles in the street.  Council laws in relation to parking restrictions apply and are enforced by the Council.  Council issues parking fines for non-compliance.

Parents are asked to consider residents, other parents and the safety of all, especially the children, when parking.  The effort of all is necessary to ensure that parking is problem free.